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Gina Scholl is a multi-talented hair stylist based in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area who specializes in extension work. As a California native, she started her career as an assistant at Jonathan Salon in Beverly Hills. She was surrounded by talented artists and celebrities from the start and also experienced reality television during the filming of Bravo’s Blow Out, which featured the salon.



Gina trained vigorously in the apprentice program and eventually teamed up with Kiara Bailey, a celebrity extension specialist. Kiara became her mentor and that was when the fun really began. Gina was taken under Kiara's wing as she worked on celebrities’ hair, did fashion photo shoots and shows, hair shows, press junkets, television appearances, taught extension seminars and more. Gina’s precision and skill landed her a job at Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills where she was able to work her Hair Lingerie extension magic on celebrities and also did hair for the Emmys and Golden Globes.

Since her move to Dallas-Fort Worth in 2008, Gina has formed her hair extension and beauty clientele using high-end products and offering luxury services. She opened Style by Gina Studio in Southlake, Texas which served the DFW community from 2012 to 2021.

Gina is a rare breed in the hairstylist world where kindness and professionalism is met with hard work and raw talent. Her vast knowledge and experience in cutting, coloring, and extension work is evident in her ability to transform your overall appearance into a work of art. This is what keeps her clients coming back for more.

In 2017, Gina founded Beauty Blessings Ministry. Her love for God and serving others inspired her to create a 501c3 nonprofit network of beauty professionals. This network of artists that now spans eleven states love to serve the community with their skills and honor God.

In 2018, Beauty Blessings won an international campaign and Gina was awarded as the 3rd edition winner of the Davines "I Sustain Beauty" for her project of Beauty Blessings. She was flown to Parma, Italy for the World Wide Hair Tour to accept her award. Her submission video about how Beauty Blessings can sustain beauty in the community was shown to 3500 guests speaking 44 different languages. You can follow their journey at:

In 2020, Gina published a book titled "Hairspray and the Holy Spirit", which shares about her secret journey of saying Yes to the Holy Spirit for an entire year. She hopes that other people will take their own Holy Spirit challenge after reading her testimony and discover a relationship with God.

In 2021, after the Covid-19 pandemic, Gina decided to build a private luxe ladies salon and biblical boutique on her home property in Burleson, Texas. Higher Hair Studio LLC is a place for clients to rest, renew, and be lifted up in beauty. As she approached her 20 years in the industry, it was also a way to stop commuting into the city, slow down, and have a beautiful work space near home to honor God. You can learn more about the salon at:

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