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Style by Gina Studio offers two different Beverly Hills brands of seamless tape-in extension lines to suit any hair type or texture. Style by Gina offers Hair Lingerie extensions and Lived in Extensions by Ramirez Tran.  Both lines are gentle on your hair and allow for natural hair growth while achieving the hair style you have always dreamt of.

Style by Gina Studio is the only Texas based salon that carries Hair Lingerie extensions. Developed in 2005, Hair Lingerie began as a vision from celebrity extension specialist Kiara Bailey, who dreamed of repairing clients hair with an extension alternative.

Lived In Extensions by celebrity duo Johnny Ramirez and Ahn Co Tran was created in 2017 and quickly became sought after by all. Their "lived-in" color blends make matching a clients hair a breeze. The extensions are comfortable, thin and made with the highest quality of materials. They are perfect for all textures and multi-dimensional balayage looks. 


If you would like to schedule a consultation to receive your own set of extensions, visit the home page under "schedule an appointment". You may also scroll over the picture on the right to see a slide show of my hair extension portfolio. 


Consultations take approximately one hour and are $50. A credit card deposit is required to schedule. The deposit will be credited towards your extension balance upon booking. The fee is non-refundable for no shows and I respectfully ask that cancellations give a 24 hour notice to enable other clients to book services. Below you will find frequently asked questions and reviews.

What Makes Seamless extensions special?


Unlike many of other tape-in extensions, this band is clear, seamlessly

blends in with your scalp and hair, and will

flex for comfort. The seamless weft molds with your own hair allowing for easy

ponytails and buns. If you have fine hair, they can also be customized with 

for smaller sections and or attached single sided for comfort.


Are they made with real hair?


Yes, they are made with only the highest quality raw materials and each set can

last you from 9 months to 12 months.  


Will they damage my own hair?


No, unlike so many others, they are gentle on your hair. It is a stress free

process, from application to removal, enabling for hair rejuvenation. They apply

in as little as a few minutes per panel and remove just as quickly with a removal spray. They require maintenance every 6-8 weeks and

most will only take about 2 hours to do so.


Can I still color my hair with extensions in?


Yes, many clients will combine color appointments with extension maintenance

and only have to check in for one visit every six to eight weeks. If you like to

visit the salon more often, you can always color your hair with extensions in

as well.


Will it be hard to do my hair with extensions in?


They are very easy to wash, blow dry, and style, and can even be air dried.

Feel free to use any of your regular styling tools on your seamless extensions. It is recommended to use a thermal spray first. 


Can I swim with extensions in?


Yes you can swim, exercise and still enjoy low maintenance hair with a “celebrity

look” result. Just please no excessive tugging or spray sunscreen on your extensions while they are wet. It is not suggested to do tanning bed sessions without a hair cover or daily bikram hot yoga while wearing tape-in extensions.  

Extension Reviews


Hair Lingerie and Gina have completely transformed my hair. When I first came to Gina, my hair was shoulder length, thin, and damaged. Now, my hair is just as long as my extensions and has never been healthier. I don't think I could ever go back to life without my Hair Lingerie. -Amie S.



I found Gina two years ago when I needed help with my hair not growing because of a health issue. She was the only person who offered Hair Lingerie extensions which I knew where healthier for my hair because of better weight distribution, they didnt break hair like traditional, more expensive extensions and my hair could still grow naturally. She has done a phenomenal job! My hair looks so natural and I forget it's not my real hair. Her creative ability in knowing exactly where to place them is part of why they look so real and natural! She's the best!!  -Kimberly C.




I've been a client of Gina's for the past two years. She is incredibly talented, an absolute artist. I'd always dreamed of having long, thick beautiful hair but I didn't realize it was possible until I met with Gina about Hair Lingerie. The extensions are beautiful, high quality and they blend so seamlessly, no one knows I have extensions. Gina cuts and highlights my own hair and matches the colors perfectly. They are lightweight, so comfortable and easy to maintain. It is so much fun having gorgeous hair! I know it's just hair but it's life changing! - Kirsten v.





My hair started thinning noticeably a few years ago from a combination of health issues & medication. I didn't think that I'd be a good candidate for extensions since my hair was so unhealthy but Gina explained that Hair Lingerie was definitely an option for me. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Hair Lingerie extensions. They are indistinguishable from my own hair - even through the three hair color changes I've had in the past year! Hair Lingerie extensions have given me the hair that I thought I'd never have. -Kim A.






I moved to Southlake just over a year ago. With so many salons in DFW, I thought finding a place for amazing hair extensions would take awhile. I have worn many different brands of extensions, but none come close to the quality and ease of Hair Lingerie! Gina Pickett is passionate and skillfull when it comes to hair. She is attentive to my requests when I want to change things up, and is always mindful of my budget. Hair Lingerie is soft and thick, and it is easily styled. Maintaining them is easy, and they do not damage my actual hair. I absolutely love them!! I finally have the hair I could not grow! -Ashlie H.







My teenage daughter has been going to Gina for hair lingerie for about 2 years now. My daughter always dreamed of having long, thick hair and Gina made that happen. Not only does hair lingerie look absolutely gorgeous and natural, it is so gentle on my daughter's thin, fine hair. We had heard stories of hair extensions actually damaging your real hair. Completely not true of hair lingerie. Gina is truly an expert at applying the hair lingerie. I am amazed at how she knows exactly how to place, color match and cut the hair, so that it looks completely natural. It's amazing! My daughter actually loves her hair now! She gets compliments daily on her hair. Her friends do not believe her when she tells them she has extensions. She is able to wear it up or down, wear it straight, or curl it! There is not really anything that she cannot do with hair lingerie. She actually feels like it is her real hair now...and it is! :) A definite perk of getting hair lingerie with Gina, is that she genuinely cares about people. She is always so kind to my daughter and so in tune to her hair needs. I HIGHLY recommend Hair Lingerie by Gina! - Tanya B.








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